Cast: Multitudes Title
30 mins, comedy
Set: whatever is to hand.

Women in 18th century Ireland plead their case against men.

A young woman who wants all men to renew their procreational responsibilities, pleads her case before the fairy queen, and is vindicated.

The men have suddenly become frigid and this peeves the women no end so they haul a representative man before a (female) judge to explain himself and his ilk. The poor dolt is largely unaware so the ladies explain a few things. Some men try to defend themselves but it's too late. The women are bent on bigger things.

In rhyming verse.


There is a minimum cast of 5M/5F but as many as want to can join in the fun. Cross-dressing encouraged.

An Irish Wolfhound if you can get one. Or a Great Dane in a fur costume.


One act, 30 minutes.


Some logs and stools. A throne for the judge. Plays well in the round.

Not available.
The Midnight Court deals with the battle of the sexes in 18th c. Ireland. It is based on Ussher's translation of Bryan Merriman's Gaelic poem The Midnight Court.