Audio Drama is Alive and Well

Those are not potatoes, they're cows

© D.P. O'Sullivan

Some time ago, I attended the Independent Audio Theater Producers Conference in Minneapolis. This conference was a gathering of some of the USA’s leading lights (mics?) in radio/audio drama production and some others like me with an interest in the field.

I attended because I have a script that for one reason or another refuses to get up on the stage so I thought that audio might be the answer. Not only is it the answer, it is the answer to a lot of other ideas I have (or have had) that never got past the first hurdle to the stage. The possibilities within audio theater are limitless. You can go from a quiet dining room scene to the engine-room of a sinking ship in one second and from there back 200 years to the storming of the Bastille.

I have placed some links on this site if you are interested in learning more from and about the experts.

I could summarize the discussions and presentations from the stage playwright’s perspective as follows:

So, playwrights, start looking at developing skills for writing for sound or, to quote Tony Palermo, creating “stories in sound.”